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[Оргинална верзија] На разговор со… Џек Бауерс

Ivan Jakimovski(Chelsea Macedonia supporters club): I wanted to ask you, would you be my guest in this week’s column for the Macedonian Chelsea fans, I would ask you some questions about your away days if you doesn’t mind?
Jack Bowers(Life – long Chelsea fan): Oh yes, of course, my pleasure!

Ivan: Thanks mate. So to start with… which one appears to be your first away trip and since what year you support the blues?
Jack: I support Chelsea since I was 6, back to 1997, my father is proper Chels so I had no choice. My first away trip was when my dad took me to Sheffield Wednesday away and we won 5-1.

Ivan: Which, is the best player ever you watched in the blue shirt?
Jack: Good question…I would have to say, for pure talent, Zola.

Ivan: What’s the best Chelsea match you ever watched on tele or from the stands, apart from that night in Munich?
Jack: Except Munich? The away leg at Nou Camp.

Ivan: Hahaha okay, do you prefer cheering Chelsea from the stands of Stamford Bridge or elsewhere? I know it’s a bit stupid question.
Jack: For me, the away atmospheres are usually better, everyone there is up for a good sing, and it’s the more loyal supporters. But Stamford Bridge will always be a special place too.

Ivan: I’ve got another one, how many away trips have you been to?
Jack: Abroad? Or in England too?
Ivan: England as well.
Jack: Probably about 25-30 altogether, hard to say exactly how many.

Ivan: That will do. What’s your favourite away trip?
Jack: For the trip and being with the lads etc, it was Sparta Prague away in the Europa League, we didn’t really care about the game (because we had rafa) but the two nights in Prague were fantastic. The best away match I’ve been to was the same season, we were 1-0 down at Leeds and we won 5-1 in the cup.

Ivan: What’s more important to you, a quality singalong with the lads or a quality performance by the players?
Jack: Both are just as important and if one doesn’t happened, then the other one must!

Ivan: Oh when you mentioned Leeds away I think we did talk about it in Skopje, when our recent hero Moses scored a beauty, I remember it quite good.
Jack: Exactly mate.

Ivan: Since we are here, you came to Macedonia a year ago, did you like the time you spent in Skopje and Ohrid?
Jack: Oooh I loved Macedonia. The food and drink was so good, the people were very friendly. Skopje is charming city. Thank you and your father for being so nice and for giving me a drive to the hotel that in the end seemed to be the wrong one, but I still managed to go in time to check into the right hotel hahaha.
Ivan: You are always welcome back mate, I remember I had two exams the following day and we couldn’t catch up earlier for some drinks but we still did in the evening. Quality time and our prediction was well, we stood up at the end of the season, as we said hahahahaha.
Jack: Hahaha we are stayin’ up, we are stayin’ up !

Our friend Jack Bowers in Ohrid, last year
Our friend Jack Bowers in Ohrid, last year


Ivan: I know we all love a drink or ten (as the Superboy says) when on away day, what’s your favourite beer?
Jack: Czech Rep. and German beers are always good, my fav one was probably Kolsch in Koln, we stood there before playing Leverkusen away.

Ivan: Are there groups, many people who are there every other weekend together, like firms, or do you go to the matches individually?
Jack: There are still groups (firms) that support Chelsea together like they used to in the past, but now there are many more individuals that go and catch up with the guys.

Ivan: And what’s the funniest moment from your away days?
Jack: Oooh…so many!
Ivan: I know mate hahaha.
Jack: Umm…so many from the Prague trip. Just making up anti – rafa songs for the whole 90 minutes and during the half-time was hilarious.

Ivan: He was a fat Spanish waiter, wasn’t he?
Jack: Of course, we were never “in love” with him, right…

Ivan: The last one from me, what was the longest round trip you’ve ever had?
Jack: It was in Kyiv last year, for a 0-0 draw!!
Ivan: Oh, we were planning to go there together weren’t we? In the end something showed up, my parents were scared because there was a conflict in Ukraine bla bla…
Jack: Yeah it was a pretty scary place to go.

Ivan: Thanks Jack, I hope I was not too boring with the questions lol.
Jack: Of course you weren’t at all mate, it was my pleasure!

Ivan: Cheers mate.

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